6 Policies You Should Definitely Invest In Before You Turn 30!!


Life has a way of sneaking up on you, so it’s important to secure your finances early. When you are in your 20s, chances are that you don’t have too many other financial commitments. That’s why this is the best time to plan your long-term investments.

Here are some policies in India that you might want to check out.

1. Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)

Don’t be deterred that these market-linked investments come with a lock-in period of three years. Why? ELSS is a great tax saver. Investment up to INR 1 lakh is deductible from your taxable income. However, know that because these are essentially diversified mutual funds, there is no guarantee on returns.

Hot tip: The lock-in period is only three years, the shortest among all tax-saving options under Section 80C.

2. Mutual Funds

When you first start planning your finances, opting for a Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a better choice as compared to buying individual stocks. While the latter requires a deep understanding of the stock market, Mutual Fund SIPs are convenient. By allowing stock portfolio diversification, they are also a safer bet.

Hot tip: Experts recommend you invest at least 15-20 per cent of your earnings in an SIP.

3. Health Insurance

Young or old, everyone needs money for medical emergencies. Ideally, you should invest in a health insurance cover of INR 1 lakh with a premium of INR 10,000 a year. The additional tax benefits are just a shot in the arm.

Hot tip: Check if the company offers a no-claim bonus or discount, in the event no insurance is claimed in the policy year.

4. Life Insurance

At this stage in life, you seldom think about far future; but that doesn’t mean tragedies cannot happen. So be sure to invest in a life insurance policy. Broadly, you can choose between Term Insurance, which offers cover for a limited time period, and an Endowment Policy, where you or your nominee receive a lump sum payout in the event of policy maturity or death.

Hot tip: At a young age, when you are healthier, the premium can be as low as INR 7,500 a year for a cover of INR 1 crore for 35 years.

5. Fixed Deposit and ULIP

If you’re risk averse, these are the choices for you. A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is basically a single integrated plan for insurance and investment, offered by insurance companies. Fixed deposits (FD) offer guaranteed returns at a higher rate of interest as compared to savings accounts.

Hot tip: You can withdraw up to a certain amount of your money from an FD whenever you need cash.

6. PPF and EPF

Underline this one. It’s never too early to open a Public Provident Fund (PPF) but don’t be sidetracked by your Employee Provident Fund (EPF), the two are different. While the former is a statutory scheme by the central government, the latter is a retirement benefit applicable only to salaried employees. Both offer slow, steady and secure returns.

Hot tip: Loans can be taken on both the instruments, but the conditions vary.

10 Unbelievable Ways In Which You Are Tricked By Language!!


Just an addition of a single word and look how the dynamics changed! The way we use language is something which, in my humble opinion is not stressed enough in academic circles- schools and colleges ask you not to use cuss-words and such, but that’s about it. But the thing is, the way you phrase sentences affect your life in ways you would never have even imagined. As a primer, here are some unbelievable ways in which you are tricked by language.

1. The language determines the colours that you see


The human eye works pretty much the same regardless of the culture or place its owner belongs to. However, one peculiar of the eye is that while it will see all the colours there are to see, your brain won’t register it unless there’s a word for that colour in your language. One interesting study compared kids from England with children belonging to the Himba tribe in Namibia. While the former had 11 basic colours, for the latter it was limited to just five. For instance, orange, red and pink all go by the name of “serandu.” So, if you show a Himba kid a pink card and later a red card, s/he would perceive it as the same colour. However, if you teach the kids that the two colours go by different colours, they begin to see the colours differently!

2. The more someone uses the word “I” in a conversation, the more submissive s/he is


Even though it’s sometimes kinda nice to have yourself asserting your identity- ‘I, THOR!’ – research shows that people use the word “I” far more number of times when they’re in a submissive position- like when they’re conversing with their badass boss, or when they are in an argument defending their point of view.
There’s yet no conclusive reasoning for this. The best bet is that we become self-reflective when we are intimidated by someone- so, we use more number of the subjective noun when talking with such a person.

3. The more pronounceable your name is, the more likely you’ll be successful


People with really long and complicated names regularly feature in ancient legends. And some of them are heroes. Maybe they are the exception to the rule. But the thing is, there’s ample scientific evidence that shows that the simpler your name, the more chance you have of becoming successful. It’s observed commonly in the case of companies as well. Firms with the simpler names tend to trade better in the stock market when compared to others. The curious thing is, this holds true sometimes when  the companies with the complex names could give better dividends! Another related fact comes from an experiment done at the University of Melbourne. They asked participants to vote for fictional candidates when virtually all they knew about the latter was their name. 40 percent of the candidates’ likeability was linked to how easy it is to pronounce their names.

4. If s/he copies your speech pattern, s/he wants to have sex with you


One reflexive action of your brain when you are talking with someone you like (whom you just met) is to copy their linguistic manners. This is done in the hope that the other person will see you as a kindred spirit. (aww..) Multiple studies have been done in this regard but one of the most enlightening is the one in which researchers analysed conversations of couples who have been chatting online for ten days. They found that 80 percent of those whose writing styles matched were more likely to be still dating in three months time, notwithstanding differences in personality. One way or another, sex- as they say, always comes out on top.

5. People’s attitude towards you differs with your accent


Whether the study conducted for British citizens is applicable to the whole world is unclear. But, according to a poll conducted in 2013, it was found that the British thought that those with “Received Pronunciation/ Queen’s England/ James Bond Villain” are the most intelligent. And while the accent of Liverpool is considered the least intelligent, 28 percent of Brits felt they were discriminated against solely because of the way they talk.
And another study shows that Middle-Eastern accent is considered the most-attractive in the world.

6. If you speak in English, you’re more likely to blame others


There’s something about the English language and the inclination to blame someone , or so think researchers at the Stanford University who did a related experiment to find out how native users of different languages view negative things. It was found that when something bad happens, English language users were far more prone to find someone to blame- even if the mishap was not caused by any human agent.

7. You can read what’s one someone’s mind from their metaphors


One way in which you can make someone else empathise with you(not that you’d want to manipulate anyone) is by using metaphors to explain your state of mind. Apparently the use of metaphor is so strong a tool that scientists have found the effect as similar to physically touching a texture. In other words, you are actually closer to someone’s mind more than ever when s/he is using metaphors in speech. Of course, the idea can be used for bad ends too. Also, people who are frequently exposed to metaphors- like those who regularly read poetry are more adept in reading others’ emotions.

8. We associate negativity with intelligence, without us knowing it!


The subconscious is a phantom that makes us question the whole idea of wilful decision-making. Lurking behind our conscious seat of intelligence, this phantom is the one actually responsible for many of our actions- and we aren’t even aware of it! A clear case of possession if there ever was! Before I get all paranoid, let me tell you this one thing about the subconscious: we actually believe that the more negative a person is, the smarter s/he is. And the seat of this belief is, of course the subconscious. Some scientists speculate that this is an evolutionary offshoot- the more you focus on possible bad things(like venomous snakes in the jungle rather than the wild rose in bloom) the more are your chances of survival.

9. Language affects the way you view objects


You know that some languages assign a gender to just about everything- Hindi being a case in point. The gender that’s ascribed to something in a language determines to a large extent the way you relate to it. For instance, the word “bridge” in German is feminine whereas the same word is masculine in Spanish. This means that when a German sees a quality-bridge, s/he is more prone to describe it using words such as “elegant” or “graceful” whereas a Spaniard would probably use words such as “sturdy” for the same.

10. Language affects the way you perceive time


English language speakers tend to see time as a chronological progression- a line that proceeds from left to right, much like how we read sentences. However, for a speaker of the Mandarin language, time is a vertical progression as Mandarin is read in a top-to bottom manner. This means that for them, the things that have already happened are “up” and those yet to come are “down”. Scientists at Stanford did an experiment in which those who speak Mandarin were asked to think time in a horizontal manner. Predictably enough, it was extremely tough for the subjects.

Boys Will Be Boys! 14 Things You Can Never Change About A Man!


Men can hardly give up their routines, habits or even looks. They like to keep their lives running around their rituals. Whether call it a comfort zone or habit, here are 14 things you can’t easily change about a man!

1. His barber. 
Men hardly change his hairdresser, unless he dies or something.

2. The team he supports! 
Totally non-negotiable!

3. His car… 
Something very hard to give up for someone who names his car or won’t let anyone else to drive.

4. His razor. 
Though it’s recommended to change once a month, men tend to maintain a long term relationship with their razors, lasting at least for 6 months.

5. Commuting route… 
There might be shorter, more interesting or less jammed alternatives… Doesn’t matter, a man’s regular commuting route is immutable.

6. His weekend getaway! 
Picnic, long weekend or leisure stay; a man doesn’t change his weekend getaway as long as he feels satisfied.

7. Hairstyle 
Unlike women, men don’t like to change their hairstyles except for the ‘fluctuation’ period between senior high school and college sophomore years.

8. Pre-match rituals & superstitions! 
Knowing that the fate of the game is in his hands, a man never changes his pre-match ritual that will bring glory to his team!

9. His romantic words 
If it works, it works! A man never give up his customary words for romantic moments.

10. Gifts to buy for special occasions… 
Flower, jewelry, book, chocolate or maybe shoes… A man’s imagination is limited to these options when it comes to buying presents.

11. His favorite drink… 
A man knows very well what just boosts his mood or what makes him
embarrassingly wasted. So he does not like to change his choice of alcohol except for special occasions.

12. His daily routine 
Work, come home, eat, watch TV, go online, brush teeth, sleep, wake up and work again… Men can overreact to anything he sees as a threat to this routine.

13. His watch 
A man tends to stick by his–almost- only accessory: his watch either watch or he dies

14. Pickup tactics 
Being an expert on seducing women, a man uses the same, proven pickup line for years.

10 Simple Ways To Look Fresh And Glowy On A Hot Day!!


The heat is on, and greasy skin and limp hair are the biggest fallouts of this sweltering weather. To keep your cool and stay fresh through the day, try these simple summer fixes.

1. Begin with a cold shower

Showering early in the morning wakes you up. Use a soap or body wash with rosemary or lemon to freshen up.

Begin with cold shower

2. Have a deo handy

If you tend to perspire a lot, stash a roll-on deo in your bag or put in your car. That’s necessary if you don’t want body odour to announce your arrival.

Have a deo handy

3. Blot excess facial oil

An oil blotting sheet can help remove excess oil that gathers on your skin by the end of the day. If not, a wet moisturising tissue aids your skincare regimen.

Blot excess facial oil

4. Try a dry shampoo

If your hair has borne the brunt of a long day, cheer it up by rubbing in some dry shampoo. You’re set to party!

Try a dry shampoo

5. Spritz a face mist

A face mist can quickly freshen you up. Spray a little over your face to revive tired skin. Ensure that you choose wisely if you have sensitive skin.

Spritz a face mist

6. Dab a little perfume

Tote along a travel-sized bottle of your favourite brand and dab on your neck, wrist, arm crease and behind the knee. Feel Fresh!

Dab a little perfume

7. Use white eyeliner

For a quick fix, line your bottom eye lashes with white eyeliner. This makes them look bigger and brighter.

8. Eat a fruit

This may seem out of place but fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Citrus fruits will revive you instantly.

Keep eating fruits

9. Keep sipping water

Make sure you lug your water bottle everywhere. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and refreshes instantly.

Keep sipping water

10. Wolf down a mint

Pop in a mouth-freshening mint or chewing gum and you are ready to handle an important meeting or that impromptu date.

If you are at home include a home facial peel that suits your skin type. You’ll end up revealing younger looking skin!

 Wolf down a mint

21 Mistakes Boys Need To Stop Making When Texting Girls!!


The easiest way to lose a date with the girl you’ve been eyeing is to send her the wrong text. You should know with so many texting apps available, texting has just been upgraded to be an ‘art’, just like flirting and seduction. If underdone, it doesn’t pay, and neither does overdoing it.

It’s a familiar situation with most of us – we send a text, and wait for a reply that never comes. If you’re this guy too, this is for you – STOP making these 21 big texting mistakes:

1. Stop overanalyzing every text message

Giving a little thought before texting a girl is fine but beating yourself up to come up with the perfect line is futile. Girls prefer spontaneous guys. Just live in the moment, text the first thing that comes to your mind. If you guys can connect at that level, good; otherwise, move on for your best.

Texting girls

2. Stop texting her too much and too long

Too much texting can make you come across as a needy and desperate person. Only when you’ve reached far in a relationship can you experiment with long poems. But, believe us, until then your texts are most likely to work if they are short.

Texting girls

3. Stop forcing text conversations

This is the biggest mistake guys can make while texting girls. Talk as much as is natural, but never try to beat around the bush, only to keep her entangled in chatting. If she senses desperation, it’s goodbye my friend.

Texting girls

4. Stop asking her too many stupid questions

This comes along with the habit of neediness. Asking her questions all the time may sound sweet to an extent, but too many questions and she’s most likely to switch her phone off.

Texting girls

5. Stop texting in anticipation of a response

You met a girl, you both hit it off in seconds and enjoyed each other’s company and you ended up exchanging numbers. It’s alright that you send her the first text, but don’t send another text before she replies.

Texting girls

6. Stop waiting too long to ask a girl out

If you guys are gelling along well, don’t waste time in asking her out. If you don’t, she’ll get the feeling you’re not serious enough. She could also stop replying to your texts. Be clear about your intentions and communicate them openly, before it’s too late.

Texting girls

7. Stop making unnecessary assumptions

If she doesn’t reply back to your first text, don’t start assuming stupid things. She may be stuck with work, family or friends. It is a warning only when she doesn’t reply back repeatedly.

Texting girls

8. Stop texting serious conversation

Understand that texting is not the right place for holding serious conversations. When texting a girl, keep the conversation fun and light.

Texting girls

9. Stop texting purposelessly

Sometimes guys lose track and become directionless when texting a girl. They chat without purpose, going off the track. Get to the point before it’s too late!

Texting girls

10. Don’t be just like every other guy she’s met

You may not be able to come out as an exceptional guy with every text, but at least try and be original. Learn how to communicate your real thoughts through words.

Texting girls

11. Don’t lack the FUN quotient

One trait that every girl wants in her guy is someone who loves to have fun. Someone who can make her smile, crack jokes and keep her happy. So stop nagging on texts. No sad stories, no being a cry-baby!

Texting girls

12. Don’t be vague about time and date

Got a date with her? Make sure you communicate the right time and place of meeting on text. Keep her updated about where you’ve reached and keep asking her about her location. That way, she’ll feel welcomed and cared for.

Texting girls

13. Not making any connection at all

You need to engage her emotionally through texts. Good morning, good night is never enough! Unless you don’t share interesting things, she’ll never be able to connect. With so many good texting apps, you can be creative. Send her a dubsmash video of yourself. Send her pictures of places you’re visiting. Send her songs. Ask for the same things in return and build a connection.

Texting girls

14. Stop being predictable

Don’t ever build a routine. Many of us get into the habit of asking, ‘What did you have for lunch?’, ‘What’s for dinner?’ and so on… These questions hardly convey your interest in the person. They just bring you out as ‘boring’.

Texting girls

15. Hold yourself from confessing your feelings over text.

Never tell a girl about your feelings over text. It looks desperate. Use texting only for getting a date with her. Once with her, you can express your feelings, staring her straight in the eyes.

Texting girls

16. Stop flaunting your physique on text

You may possess the sexiest abs, but stop flaunting them all the time on WhatsApp. Most girls prefer an emotional connection over physical attraction.

Texting girls

17. Stop using slang in your texts

Not always true, but bad grammar and too much slang can be an instant turn-off for girls. They mostly appreciate the finer things in life, and slang is not one of them.

Texting girls

18. Don’t try to be too cool

Cool is ok, but only if you’re naturally cool. Try pretending otherwise, and she’ll never speak to you again.

Texting girls

19. Sending too many compliments over text

We all know girls love compliments, but as they say, that too much of anything can be harmful. Complimenting her all the time will make you appear desperate.

Texting girls

20. Don’t ever text her when you are drunk

It is a big NO. You are drunk and god knows what you’ll text!

Texting girls

21. Stop overdoing the dirty talking

Maybe you’ve reached that level, where you’re comfortable with dirty talking but don’t overdo it. She will obviously think that you are only interested in her physically and not emotionally.

Texting girls

How long will your smartphone last?


Whether you like it or not, there are a lot of smartphones out there. Like, a lot of smartphones. Fun fact: the number of smartphone users worldwide is supposed to hit the 5 billion mark by 2019. That’s almost 3/4th of the freakin’ world population! and last I checked, 2019 is just 3 years away. That statistic might raise some questions, though.

If there are that many smartphones on this planet, how are they all maintained? and, more importantly, are there any negative impacts to this exponential growth? Well, I’m planning on answering all of those questions. But, one seemingly important effect is undeniable. The lifetime of a typical smartphone is going down. And it’s going down fast.

How many years do you think you can hold onto your current smartphone?

What do you think the typical lifetime of a flagship smartphone is? Well, most of you would probably say 1 year, and you’re right. But, that has remained constant since the days of old. To rephrase the question better, how long do you think you will take to upgrade from your current smartphone? Now, we’re talking!

That number has reduced dramatically over the past few years and that’s really not a good sign. The average time a person would hold onto their smartphone is, wait for it..

18 months. You read that right. Just 18 months.

Well, for the tech savvy people out there, which constitutes a majority of the population nowadays, that number is bound to go down real fast. To the point where you’re actually thinking about buying a new smartphone just 1-2 months after purchasing it.

This is not a good sign. Buying a new smartphone just when it comes out was reserved for the fanboys since forever. But now, it’s considered the norm.

So, what are the typical options for the older model when the newer one comes out?

Well, the most obvious one is to sell it and use the money to purchase the newer model. Or, you could trade it back to your carrier. Furthermore, you could trade them back to a trade-in company who would probably take it in, if it’s still in pretty good condition. But there are actually some folks who just chuck their old phone straight in the bin (stop doing that, by the way). I’ll explain why in a later segment.

There’s no right time to buy a smartphone

Imagine you’re pondering getting a phone upgrade. You just bought a smartphone almost a year ago, and you believe that the time is right for a new machine in your hand. For you, the most obvious thing might be to buy the next iteration of your current smartphone. It’s what you’re used to. Then again, another tech manufacturer would release their next iteration after 2 months. Better safe than sorry, right?

2 months go by, and then you’re prepped to get your previous choice, but the harsh truth dawns on you. It’s only 10 more months before the unveiling of the, yet again, next iteration, and you wait it out. And you just man up and buy it anyway, regretting your choice after a brief period of time. And this goes on, and on, and on..

So, what can we learn?

There’s no right time to buy a smartphone. No matter how much a company says it’s always in the best interests of the consumers, it’s what it is. A company. And companies always want profit.

So, there’s nothing you can do about this. Companies will just keep on churning out smartphone after smartphone, and will not care whether a vast majority of its consumers will like it or not. Why?

Crazy money, fools!

The obsolete mindset

All of the aforementioned drama stems from one particular type of mindset which I affectionately refer to as the obsolete mindset.

The idea that your smartphone suddenly becomes obsolete because a newer version was just unveiled is a seemingly trivial matter,now you think of it. People think of their device as ‘old’ or ‘obsolete’ to rationalize buying a new smartphone and maxing out their credit card in the process.

If you check up the meaning of the word ‘obsolete’, you’ll find that it means:

no longer produced or used; out of date.

And at that point, your smartphone is probably neither of those things. A good way to remove this feeling is by contemplating on why you bought your current smartphone. Was it its form factor? its camera? its screen?

All of those reasons have not changed. They only have so because you put it beside something that is bigger than itself.

So, please try to avoid this mindset, and you’ll be on your merry way. Oh, you’ll probably save a couple hundred bucks too. (Just sayin’)

The Apple conspiracy

The above reasons contributed to one of the greatest conspiracy theories in tech history. Now, every company cannot be squeaky clean, but, with a good track record like Apple, everyone’s bound to trust them.

After the inception of the original iPhone, Apple began releasing their smartphones on a yearly basis; a tighter schedule, if you will. But, that didn’t tempt enough users to purchase the newest iteration of one of the best consumer appliances ever.

Sure, Apple could advertise more, but that would translate to a lot of money. So, here’s what people(Apple users) say what Apple did.

If you’ve not been living under a rock for the past few years, you must know that Apple releases a major software update along with their newest product. This software update could be used on older models, but, users claim that it actually made their device slower and more sluggish than when their device was on their previous firmware.

This kinda aggravated the obsolete mindset that I mentioned earlier. But, only this time around, it was not placebo. It was the real deal.

The internet wouldn’t be the internet if things didn’t blow up. Needless to say, this story blew up, real fast. Apple was convicted of practicing ‘planned obsolescence’ , and there’s a lot of evidence to suggest this.

Effects on the environment

I hate to admit it, but you using that smartphone of yours has adverse effects on the environment. There’s no way you can sleep better at night knowing full well that the energy that you use charging and recharging your phone is not a lot.

Wait, what?

Research shows that the energy used is barely a fraction of the amount of energy it takes to acquire the raw materials and transform it into your smartphone.

So, the best way to play your role is to actually stick to your old smartphone, and not chuck it in the bin. Or, alternatively, you could recycle it by giving it to a recycle plant.

This can make all the difference in the world. (literally)

The U.S. generates upwards of 2.37 million tons of electronic waste materials each year. And the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that recycling just 1 million laptops could power 3,657 U.S. homes. By the way, did I mention that these statistics are from 2009?

The EPA also assumes that we can salvage around 35,000 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium for every million cellphones. This, along with the fact that the earth is going down on resources is good news.

Or it could be good news if we actually did something about it. That doesn’t mean there is no one to take action. Many societies will be happy to take away your old electronics if you aren’t using them anymore, although these are slow to come up.

10 Reasons Why We Lose Friends!!


One of the worst parts about growing up, apart from being absolutely on your own, is that you lose friends, all of them, one by one. No matter how thick you may be with them, the moment you step into adult life, all of them disappear. This is probably why.

1. Priorities change. As you grow up, you tend to spend more and more time at work. You no longer have time to meet friends, friends who once meant the world to you. It’s only later in life that you realize life is incomplete without them, but it’s already too late.

Why We Lose Friends

2. We often forget that friendships can’t always be effortless. Making friends is easy, but keeping them is the hard part. Hanging out with them in college seemed easy because it was convenient. But as life moves on, we give up on friendships, we give up too easy. The friendship fades away and we accept it, instead of fighting it, because that’s so much more convenient.

Why We Lose Friends

3. Sometimes, it’s love that ruins friendships. When one of the two friends enters into a relationship, friendships are often forgotten. They may realize it later but things are never the same. We’ve all been there and done that too.

Why We Lose Friends

4. Our 20s are a tough time. We’re all trying to prove something to ourselves and the world. Some people get lucky; some have to struggle a lot more. When the two people who started from the same point find themselves at crossroads, insecurity creeps in. You’re happy that they’re more successful, except that you’re really not. You soon start drifting away because their presence in your life only makes you feel more miserable. Sometimes, it’s your own insecurity and other times, the circumstance is a b*tch.

Why We Lose Friends

5. The support and confidence our families cannot give us, we seek in our friendships. Our friends know us the best, don’t they? But a lot times, even your friends don’t support your life decisions. And that’s the reason why it becomes hard to be around them when their judgments become too sour and unforgiving. There’s nothing worse than a friend who bails out on you.

Why We Lose Friends

6. With some friends, you feel like you’re the only one making all the efforts. So, you let it go, because you don’t want to be ‘the clingy friend’, forgetting no relationship in this world is equal, that one person will always have to put in more efforts than the other. And nobody wants to be that person. We’d rather lose them than be the more involved one. Damn our egos!

Why We Lose Friends

7. Some friends are great to have. But they’re also toxic. There comes a point in life where you finally realize what a bad influence they are on you. And you decide you’re better off without them.

Why We Lose Friends

8. It becomes difficult for a lot of people to cope with the fact that their friends have made new friends. Being replaced is a terrible feeling, but it happens and it happens to the best of us. The more possessive we become, the more bitter it gets.

Why We Lose Friends

9. Sometimes, you just grow apart. The things you bonded over once don’t exist in your life anymore. You’re a changed person and so are they. Sometimes, you meet a friend after a long while and realize they haven’t grown up even one bit. The conversation becomes painfully forced and that’s the moment you know, the friendship’s kinda over.

Why We Lose Friends

10. It’s funny how we just cut off from our dearest friends and years later, when we’re going through old pictures on Facebook, we sit there wondering what really went wrong. It was probably a small argument. You brushed it under the carpet, they never talked about it too and slowly, the friendship died a slow death. Our non confrontational attitude, our habit of not talking about conflicts when it’s important, sometimes, costs us our best of friends.

Why We Lose Friends

What To Do When Your Phone Falls Into Water? 7 Smart Ways To Save Your Smartphone!!


Your smartphone is one thing which you carry everywhere, so there is high possibility it might fall anywhere, including water. You might jump in a swimming pool while carrying your cell phone in pocket or you might get caught in heavy rainfall and drench your phone. In worst case, you might drop your phone in toilet too.

Although, some phones are waterproof, some aren’t, so what should you do if your smartphone gets wet? Here are 7 handy tips to save your smartphone when it gets wet.

1. Have back-up ready: It’s always good to transfer your photos, videos and other information from your phone to your desktop every now and then, so that you don’t regret after you lose them all.

2. Switch off your phone immediately: Immediately switch off your phone if it drops into water. Start removing the SIM, memory card and its battery. Pat them dry.

3. Dry your device carefully: Pat it dry with the help of tissue papers or a soft towel. Also, remove all plugs that cover gaps, slots, and crevices in the phone in order to dry it.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner instead of a hair dryer: If there is even a drop of water left inside, it can ruin your phone forever. If you want to dry your phone faster, use a vacuum cleaner for 20 minutes. But be careful not to hold it too close. Do not use a hair dryer as it could cause component failure inside the phone.

5. Draw out moisture: It is very important to dry every drop of water from your smartphone and observe it for the next 24 hours at least. You can put it into a container filled with raw rice or gel silica, cat litter, couscous, instant oatmeal, classic oatmeal, or instant rice to absorb the moisture.

6. Expose it to air: Take out your phone out of the rice container after 24 hours. Rotate it every hour to dry it quicker. Leave it open and expose it to air. Do not expose the phone directly to the sunlight.

7. Take your phone to an authorized dealer: You can put your battery back into the phone after 24 hours and turn it on, if it works, you are lucky. If it doesn’t, visit an authorized dealer.

15 Cool Things You Can Do On The Internet For Free!!


There’s a whole lot of stuff available online, yet most of us still spend our time scrolling Facebook incessantly, present company included. To whack you out of that self placed inertia, here’s a list of cool stuff you can totally use for free online.

Some of it is useful, while some of it is just fun. Regardless, here’s a list of cool stuff you can do online for free!

1. Make some sick beats at Patatap

They even have matching visuals to complement the sounds. Jam out with your friends for a guaranteed good time!

2. Learn any course you can imagine at Coursera

Learn from literally thousands of options, a lot of which are free. Knowledge is power after all, especially unnecessary knowledge!

3. Read hilarious online comics like Dr. Mc Ninja

Or go on to comic prospector and find something else you like (But if you don’t like Dr.McNinja then you suck)

4. Photoshop pictures online using Pixlr

No need to sign up or anything, just go on and manipulate your photos and make your friends look fat.It’s a classic!

5. Play hi quality games at BigPoint

Just make sure you have an unlimited internet plan, otherwise you’re screwed.

6. Send files upto 1GB for free from Pando

That’s HUGE!

7. Learn how to make pretty much anything at VideoJug

Learn to make cool cakes or candles or dirty toys or whatever.

8. Learn to read body language and detect lies at Blifaloo

There’s no sure shot way to tell if a person is lying, but you can always pretend that there is and get them to tell the truth anyway!

9. Get free tech support at Techguy

If you’re having problems with your computer, this free volunteer site will sort you out. Forget your stupid computer guy who only shows up when you’re not at home!

10. Find free wifi spots worldwide at WifiFreeSpot

It even lists some clinics in Delhi with free Wi-Fi! Now I can just pretend to have a migraine and get free internet woohoo!

11. Send an anonymous email with 10MinuteMail

The email address disappears after ten seconds, so you go scot-free while your nemesis finally accepts that you are the better human.

12. Learn any language in the world at Duolingo

With a little patience, you can be spewing French pickup lines and Spanish cuss words interchangeably. Very useful.

13. Watch from hundreds of documentaries at DocumentaryHeaven

It’s got Kubrick on the home page, which basically convinced me that this site is legit. They’ve got loads of free documentaries ripe for the picking!

14. Learn killer magic tricks at GoodTricks

Everybody loves magic, so if you want to be the next David Blaine (Do you really?), then head on over here and start levitating or whatever.

15. Torrent websites for everything else!

Just don’t download anything illegal! *smirk*

13 Short Roadtrips in India that You Must Experience Atleast Once in Your Lifetime!!!


Let some wind in your hair and dust on your sunglasses; your road trip is about to change your life! Crank up the volume and tank up that beast were taking you on the best drive of your life. If youre craving a change and are longing to feel liberated, there is nothing better than a road trip away from the mundaneness of routine and work. When you’re behind the wheel, nothing else seems to matter but the journey. All your worries and sorrows speed past you like the trees and the hills that seem to be in a fast forward mode.

1. Guwahati to Shillong

The route from Guwahati to Shillong is teeming with nature’s best sights. Less traffic and well maintained roads give you some moments to take in the gorgeous scene that unfolds on every turn. Stop at the Barapani Lake to take in the beauty and watch out for the joyous waterfalls prancing in the laps of the hills. If you spot a momo stall on the way, stop for a few piping treats and you’ll be more than happy!

Tip: You can have fun splashing in the waters of the Barapani aka Umiam Lake and indulge into activities like kayaking, water cycling and boating.

Distance: 100 kilometers

2. Dalhousie to Killar

The handsome mountains for your company, this drive is sure to leave you awestricken for a long time. You can stop at Chamba if youre not feeling very adventurous but if you are willing to take the risk, you will be awarded with glacier views that will leave you speechless. The Himalayas greet you in all their shining glory and the stark contrast in scenery will surprise you at every corner.

Tip: Give yourself ample time for acclimatization. Roads may be worn out after a point. Stock up on food and fuel.

Distance: 175 kilometers.

3. Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley

The endless mirage of hills overlooking the Bay of Bengal is a sight to behold on this route. The green of the hills seems to blend in with the waters and what you get is an unparalleled vista throughout this journey. The roads are extremely well maintained and there are waterfalls along the route if you plan to drive in the monsoons.

Tip: Stop by at the magnificent Borra Caves that fall on the way.

Distance: 116 kilometers.

4. Delhi to Chandigarh

Not just for the scrumptious gastronomic possibilities along the way, the route from Delhi to Chandigarh promises to be one of the smoothest drives in India. If you’ve had your fill of makhan-laden goodness on the way, stop by for a few splashes in one of the many waterparks that have sprung in the area. A true delight to drive on, this road is perfect for the speed monster in you.

Distance: 260 kilometers.

5. Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh

Well connected by road, Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh is a beautiful road that passes through heritage and leads up to the thick of wildlife. The constant change in scenery is refreshing and as you approach Bandhavgarh, you get a feeling of being an intruder in the abode of the wild. Thick forests and cricket sounds keep you on alert but the smell of the forest is trumps any perfume you have ever liked.

Tip: Avoid stopping in the forest and dont litter.

Distance: 250 kilometers

6. Bangalore to Chikmagalur

The route from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is not only smooth, it is one of the most scenic drives in the state. The roads are so amazing that you wont realize as you touch speeds of 140 km/per hour. As you approach Chikmagalur, coffee plantations surround you from both sides and the hills seem to bend to hug you at every turn. If it has just rained, expect fog and surreal aromas to envelop the route.

Tip: Stop for some thaat idli and filter coffee on the way.

Distance : 240 kilometers.

7. Darjeeling to Gangtok

You will pass majestic hills, verdant tea gardens and the most picturesque valleys on your way from Darjeeling to Gangtok. The added bonus is passing through Ghoom and watching the sparkling blue Teesta meander her way through soft rocks. This journey is as beautiful as the destination!

Tip: Stop for some noodles on the way!

Distance: 108 kilometers

8. Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

Pass miles of nothingness on both sides, and marvel at the stark beauty of the desert on this road trip. The roads leading to Jaisalmer are brilliant but look out for the occasional cattle and camels on the road. If youre lucky, you might even spot deers and the blue bull on the way. Driving in Rajasthan is especially fun because of the small little dhabas on the way.

Tip: Avoid over speeding. Animal sightings are unpredictable.

Distance: 205 kilometers

9. Mumbai to Goa

How can a roadtrip to Goa not be fun? The roads are absolutely spotless and keep you in an elevated and excited mood till you reach your final destination. When you start spotting rows of coconut trees and small roads that dotted by colorful homes, you know you have entered Goa.

Tip: The state of Goa is very strict about any alcohol being carried outside its borders. Refrain from doing so. It is better to start early, so that you can reach your destination in daylight hours

Distance: 609 kilometers

10. Kolkata to Digha

Ask anyone from Kolkata about their favorite roadtrip and they will fondly remember the many times they have driven from Kolkata to Digha. The whole route is lined with green trees and the road is great for driving too. Digha has cute beaches that make for a perfect weekend getaway.  Almost every mile has memorable photos to click!

Tip: There are plenty of nice dhaabas on the way.

Distance: 180 kilometers

11. Ahmedabad to Kutch

Gujarat has a certain charm that is unlike any other state in India. Well developed yet holding on to its culture, a road tripto Gujarat is a once in a lifetime experience. The barrenness of the landscape is broken by the colorful costumes of the people of Gujarat. Delicious food and unique huts dot the route from Ahmedabad to Kutch. Once you reach the land of Kutch, the stark white endlessness of the horizon will hit you like a pleasant surprise.

Tip: Stop by to admire the earthquake proof huts of Bhuj.Start early morning so that you can reach in daylight hours.

Distance: 400 kilometers

12. Mysore to Coonoor

The route from Mysore to Coonoor includes passing by the commercialized but still pretty Ooty hill station. The drive increases in ascent and with that, the views that you encounter are simply intoxicating. The ghat from Ooty to Coonoor can get a bit tedious but there is a big prize waiting for you as you reach up there. Surrounded by tea gardens and nilgiri trees, the drive to Coonoor is simply breathtaking.

Tip: Take plenty breaks to take in the beautiful scenery

Distance: 145 kilometers.

13. Anantnag to Pahalgam

Watch the ravishing beauty of Kashmir unfold in front of your eyes on this scenic drive from Anantnag to Pahalgam. Explore the lidder valley on one side and the spectacular scenery that looks as if it is right out of heaven. A burst of color welcomes your eyes when the white of the snowcapped mountains marries the green of the vegetation. Kashmir is truly blessed by god.

Tip: There are a number of archaeological sites on the way.

Distance: 40 kilometers.